Rules & Regulations




The European Putting Championship Tour is organized and governed by Lloyd Evans, Founder & George Young, Executive Director and the EPC Tour Advisory Board.

The EPC Tour Executive Director and the EPC Tour Advisory Board has the final say on any appeals that may be made where appeal rights are specified. Any presentation of appeals is made through the Executive Director and the EPC Tour Advisory Board.



The EPC Tour Founder and Executive Director handles all the administrative business for the EPC Tour, Tournaments, events and programmes for the organization of the EPC Tour.

The Executive Director assumes the tournament Director role at any tournament where he is in attendance. If the Executive Director were not in attendance, then a representative from the EPC Tour Advisory Board or a course owner or Manager will be selected as a representative to act as a Tournament Director.



Success of The European Putting Championships relies on the integrity and behaviour of our players.

Taking part, abiding by our Rules & Regulations, to demonstrate sportsmanship, courtesy, etiquette and to show consideration to other participants. This is the spirit and the atmosphere the EPC Tour wants to create and foster.

As EPC Tour players and participants, we are invited guests at a host facility golf club, where the tournament takes place.

As guests, the EPC Tour expects each player, contender to act in a professional manner and abide by any or local rules and regulations stated or enforced by the facility and EPC Tour management.

Every player is mandated by these rules to extend full courtesies to the management of the EPC Tour and to the hosting golf club.

Failure to extend those courtesies will result in immediate disqualification from the tournament and possibly block participation in future tournaments or even the remainder of the season.



While present at the golf course or during the European Putting Championship tournament, no participant shall be able to gamble or openly exchange monies or in any way display conduct which could apply to gambling. A player that violates this rule may be penalized, fined or disqualified at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

No player should display rudeness, temper or any other acts of unsportsmanlike conduct.

Under no circumstances should foul language or swearing be used during an EPC Tour Event.

No player should mark, deface or damage any EPC Tour equipment present on the tournament day.



At no time during the tournament play, may the use of mobile phones, music players, tablets or any other digital personal messaging devices be used while the tournament is in process.

This rule is applied for all digital technology devices during the tournament. If an emergency requires use of a digital device a request to the tournament director is required. If granted by the tournament director the group in process will be allowed a FIVE (5) minute break, then after 5 minutes continue with play. If the break takes longer than FIVE (5) minutes the player involved will be disqualified and the group will continue with play as normal.

All mobile phones and digital devices must be put on silent mode or vibrate mode making sure not to disturb the other tournament competitors. If a device rings during tournament play, the player will be asked to put the device in silent mode, if a device rings on a second occasion, the player will be asked to withdraw from play without a refund of the entry fee.



Players and competitors on the European Putting Championship are prohibited from using or displaying any tobacco products, such as cigarettes, cigars, pipes during tournament play.



All personal sponsors must be approved by the Executive Director of the European Putting Championship Tour. The approval must be requested by mail or letter then the approval must be signed by the EPC Tour Executive Director.

No player competing on the EPC Tour or at a properly franchised EPC Tour event can wear logos or have wording advertising any other golf location, golf product or golf event.

If a player fails to abide by this rule, the Executive Director and representatives will make the player aware of this issue which could result in a disqualification or a complete ban from the EPC Tour.



No player shall appear at an EPC Tour event while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Only prescribed medication. Use or involvement of drugs or exceeding the legal limit of alcohol is not tolerated by the EPC Tour.

A player who violates this rule may be fined, disqualified or even receive a complete ban from the EPC Tour. This rule is for the health and safety of the EPC Tour players.



No outside food or drink beverages may be brought on the hosting golf course or on the putting green while participating in the European Putting Championship.



The EPC Tour will determine the official tournament schedule each year. The official schedule will be comprised of regional and European locations. Requests on hosting an EPC Tour event must be made in writing to the Executive director of the EPC Tour.



Entry fees and registration must be made before starting play.

Entry fees and registrations can be made before hand with the tournament location hosting club or directly on the European Putting Championship website.

After registering, a confirmation note will be sent to the player and the player will receive their start time the day prior to the event. During registration, the option to choose a morning or afternoon time is possible.

Moreover, upon arrival, entry fees and registrations can be made with the hosting club or directly with a representative of the EPC Tour. All entry fees must be paid in full at the time of registration, prior to taking part in the tournament. The paid receipt will be necessary before being able to start play.

The initial entry fee is 20 euros for members of the hosting club for one round of 18 holes. If a player thinks he or she can improve their score and would like to try another round of 18 holes the second entrance fee will be half price (10 euros). The best score resulting from the two rounds will be taken.

The entry fee for external players will be 30 euros and 15 euros for a second repeat round.

Entry fees will not be refunded to any player disqualified or removed from a tournament. Refunds of entry fees will be considered only for medical reasons or family emergencies.



To begin play on each hole, the ball must be placed within the length of a score card distance not closer to the hole from the marked EPC Tour tee boxes or markers.



The Honour of putting first on the first hole shall go to the player listed first in each pairing. Each player will, in turn putt out each hole before the next player begins on the next hole.

After the first hole the players will start each hole alternatively, the honour is only awarded on the first hole.

Everybody is more than welcome to watch as a spectator at every EPC Tour event, but in the event of a player/competitor deliberately following groups to study the putting line before starting the tournament this would be deemed UNFAIRPLAY the player will receive a warning from the onsite Tournament director or EPC Tour official, a second warning would result in a disqualification with no refund.



The tournament will be Medal Play which means all putts must be putted out, each player must continue until the ball comes to rest at the bottom of the hole. No play under any circumstances may concede a putt.

In Medal Play, any player who picks up their ball without finishing the whole will be instantly disqualified and the score will become void.



If a player inadvertently picks up his ball the player must inform the onsite EPC Tour Tournament Director, after receiving permission to continue the player must replace the ball to the approximate position from where the ball was lifted, then play can continue but a 1 stroke penalty will be added plus counting all previous strokes.



In Medal Play if a player inadvertently picks up their opponents ball, a ONE (1) shot penalty stroke will be added the ball will be replaced to the approximate spot, from there the opponent player can continue play without penalty.



Any player who hits a ball more than once during the putting motion, each hit or strike will count as a stroke, the ball will then be played where it come to rest. Any player that hits a moving ball must restart the hole from the tee and add on the previous strokes played.



Any ball interfered with by anyone, excluding elements of nature shall be returned to its original position with no penalty stroke.



The player can mark and lift the ball to be cleaned, the marker should be placed directly behind the ball in line with the hole. Once the ball has been cleaned it should be replaced to the original spot with the marker behind the ball.



During the EPC Tour competition, no player or group should slow down or deliberately delay play. All players are directed to play an open hole in front of them and must maintain distance within one hole of the group in front. If two holes are lost from the group in front, this will be considered as delaying and slow play. The player responsible for the slow play will receive a warning, the second warning will result in a TWO (2) shot penalty stroke.



No player can receive outside advice or help while competing on the EPC Tour. No player can give advice or help to another player while competing on the EPC Tour. If any player is receiving help or advice during tournament play the player will be disqualified from that tournament and possible from the EPC Tour future events.



Each player will receive an official EPC Tour tournament scorecard on the day of the tournament. Each player will mark their personal number of strokes for each hole as well as their opponents score. After the first 9 holes are completed your current score must be registered with an EPC Tour official before continuing to play the last 9 holes.

Before handing in your Scorecard, the Scorecard must be completed in its entirety, including the total number of strokes for the first 9 holes and the total number of strokes for second 9 holes, and a grand total number of strokes.

The Scorecard must be signed by all players and accurate with the number of strokes, when you hand in your Scorecard to an EPC Tour official the scorecard must be visible clear and recognizable.

Penalty strokes will be added to the overall score or number of strokes needed on that hole and will not be marked individually or separately on the Scorecard.



When two or more players are tied for the first place at the end of the tournament there will be an EIGHTEEN (18 ) hole Playoff which will determine the Winner. After the EIGHTEEN (18) hole playoff, if two or more players were still tied for the lead then the winner will be determined by a sudden death playoff, where play will continue until one player has defeated all others.



A Player who wins on the EPC Tour and excepts a prize automatically agrees to participate in future EPC Tour events. A request for exemption must be made in writing.



The “line of the putt” is the line the player wishes his/her ball to take after the stroke, the line of putt does not extend after the hole. The line of the putt must not be touched except to remove loose impediments with the hands not the putter head. The EPC Tour ruling in Medal Play, if a player violates this rule the player must restart the hole counting all previous strokes played.



If a tournament is temporarily stopped or postponed due to weather conditions each player will resume play on the hole where the player was stopped. All scores on completed holes will count.



Competitors on the EPC Tour must agree that usage of all or any photographs, videotape or film may be used without any compensation to the EPC Tour player.



If any player feels they have been unfairly treated by a ruling decision on the EPC Tour, they have a right to appeal in writing to the EPC Tour Executive director as long as the appeal is within FIFTEEN (15) days of the tournament date.



Regarding the equipment used to compete on the European Putting Championship tour, the ball and putter must comply to set rules from the R&A (The Royal & Ancient) to date.

Players without their own equipment can use balls and putters which will be available and supplied by the EPC Tour sponsors at every event.



The European Putting Championship Tour have tried their very best and have made every attempt to cover all aspects of the EPC Tour putting championships. In the event of a situation occurring which is not specifically written or stated in this document, then the onsite Tournament director will have the full authority to make the ruling decision and find the closest solution.

Many Thanks,

The European Putting Championships Tour


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